A tradition of excellence, unquestionable ethical & professional standards and innovation define
Ali Raza & Partners


A legal practice providing a wide array of legal services that facilitate, and deliver meticulously curated solutions for each of its clients. With a footprint across Pakistan and extensive experience internationally allows us to cater to clients every requirement for legal assistance without geographic limitations.

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The Team at AR&P brings together experience spanning over six generations of legal practice.  The Team has acquired a prowess for developing and executing ingenious legal solutions; each unique yet practical and simple to cater to the varied and complex commercial interests of our clients. We believe a solution exists to every problem if vision is not limited by what is obvious or downcast by apparent complexities. The secret lies in the simplicity.

We don’t simply specialize in the law; we specialize in knowing our clients, understanding their needs and most importantly knowing how their specific business works and comprehending its complexities.  We advise a client in context to their ultimate business objectives and design commercial and business solutions which are anchored in the legal framework.

Consciously being extremely selective in accepting transactional and advisory projects allows us to avoid the burden and consequences of the mundane. This has enabled us to reserve for the exception all matters demanding a solution absent from the standard menu our finely tuned corporate and commercial advisory skills and transactional expertise blended with the unique ability rooted in our vast experience of dispute management and litigations to see beyond the limited realm of a concluded transaction recognizing the multitude of permutations being the cause of future instability in contracted relationships.

Our ethos is defined by integrity, inclusivity and a formidable commitment to always presenting the truth. We pride ourselves on our tenacious dedication in identifying how to get things done vigorously, efficiently, and correctly.

AR&P is the successor of the well-known firms Raza Khalil Abbasi Suhrawardy and its predecessor Awan Raza, consequent to restructuring and merger of established legal practices across Pakistan.